Where are your products made? 
All of our products are made in the U.S.A.

Can I adopt the dogs in the photos?
Many of the sweet dogs we feature are available for adoption! Please click here to read their bios and learn which ones are looking for a home.

How do you choose the dog advocacy organizations you support? 
We choose to support advocacy organizations that work in a unique way: They help and support dogs that are in need without discrimination. We are inspired by those who go above and beyond and just don't stop after pulling a dog from the shelter. We are proud to support groups that lead with love and believe their responsibilities continue until they find a forever home for each dog.

I represent an advocacy group, how can I get involved with Paw Clawset?
We're always open to learning about the incredible work of animal advocacy groups. Please direct all inquiries to:



I am a member of the press/blogger and would love to feature you and Paw Clawset. Who should I contact?

Thanks so much for your interest! Please direct your questions to:


Do you have photos or graphics that I can use to promote Paw Clawset at my pet advocacy event?  
We always appreciate support, so thank you! You can get information on our branding elements and promotion guidelines from: