@lifewithkaya and Sadie

Meet Kaya, a Golden Retriever/ Husky mix (@lifewithkaya on IG). Here is Kaya's story.

Kaya isn't exactly a rescue out of a shelter. But I myself rescued her from a very bad place at 4 months old, Kaya was a frail, skinny puppy living in a fenced in yard with 2 adult dogs and 7 other puppies. A meth house. Momma dog wasn't feed much so her puppies didn't eat much either. I was too late and only got there with 3 puppies left. 2 of the puppies were already taken away and all that was left was this little golden puppy. To which I took immediately out of the situation, so happy and full of love. (The first image you will see is when I first saw her. Look at the smile on her face seeing a human who isn't going to hit her).

On our way home (taken about 10 minutes of getting in the car) she wanted nothing more than to sleep on your lap. This was her first time getting attention in all her life.

How is she now you might ask? Kaya is a healthy, energetic, obediant, happy 1 year old pup. (Final picture). She follows me wherever I go. There isn't a day that goes by where she isn't being loved on, cared for, fed. Kaya is able to live her life as she was meant to. She was taken out of a terrible start at life and brought into a loving home. 

This is Kaya's story.


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