Kuma and @shannonmalone13

Hello, I'm Kuma, named after the Japanese word for bear. I'm a 4 year old, well-behaved, blue nose American Staffordshire-Terrier mix. I was rescued by my parents Shannon & Josh from the Venice Beach boardwalk at 3 months old. After I had all my vaccinations and was neutered at 6 months to help control the pet population, I was driven across the country to Daphne, AL, where I attended “Puppy University” now known as "Dog Ranch Resort" and learned how to harness many of my behavioral commands. I will happily sit, lay down, bow or give you a high five for a yummy treat.  After completing my classes and graduating from my training program, I was registered as an emotional support animal and actually allowed to travel back home to LA in the cabin of a commercial airline. In fact, I am such a fan of air travel that I have done it multiple times. I have even flown in the First Class cabin!! I live a pretty simple life, enjoying going for bike rides, hikes and walks with my parents.  I also love the beach water, snow, sunbathing in the back yard and watching anything on animal planet. I prefer the quiet so I am not one to go barking up a storm if it isn’t necessary.  My parents love me so much and spending time with them makes me very happy.  I really am one lucky dog!! I can be a little shy at first, but love making new friends.  Once you meet me you won't be able to resist my amber puppy dog eyes!


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