Fred and @jessstalker

Fred and I met the morning of November 12, 2012. I was having a lovely mimosa breakfast with a friend and after possibly too many mimosas... My friend and I decided looking at puppies would be a good idea. The closest place to us was the Santa Monica Animal Shelter. Fred was the 3rd dog I saw in a kennel. I immediately fell in love with this old, sad and sick looking dog. I told my friend there is no way I can get a dog. My apartment does not even allow pets, but it won't hurt to let him out of the kennel for a bit. Ten minutes later I had signed papers to take Fred home. I figured he was old and just needed a good home. During the paper signing, I find out Fred is an 11 month old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. I had a split second of reconsideration, until the lady at the front desk started crying and said she was so happy he was getting a home. She said that Fred came in 3 months ago a happy puppy and as time went on and families kept not adopting Fred, she saw a change in him. He became depressed as time went on. I signed the papers immediately and took him home at once.
Today Fred is the best thing to have happened to me. He is so well behaved and sweet. He enjoys cuddling in the morning and snoozing during the day. We spend a lot of time on walks, or with his friends at the dog park, and hiking at Griffith Park (where he loves to chase bunnies). He is a 100 pounds, but it is all love. I couldn't have picked a better dog to be apart of my life.

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