Phoebe and Rolf


Phoebe is the 6th Staffordshire that I have rescued/adopted or fostered at my home in the Hollywood Hills. In the past, I have adopted Staffies from the City of Los Angeles shelters in Highland Park and South Los Angeles.  However, I found Phoebe thru another foster home source who had previously adopted Phoebe (formely Gracie/Ellen) at a LA shelter in Carson.  This particular shelter is well know for putting Staffordshires down on day three of their stay there. However, on Phoebe’s day number three, they contacted the foster home run by Lisa Marie and she agreed to provide foster care until a permanent home was arranged. I later found Phoebe online at

Apparently someone found this poor pup (about a year old, although the shelter wrongly guessed her age at two) tied up to a fence without food or water in an alley in Downtown Long Beach. From there she was taken to the closest shelter located in Carson, which placed her on the very short term death row.

I met Phoebe for the first time at a mutually agreed upon location close to the foster home in Torrance, Alpine Village. Later, the foster home provider Lisa Marie agreed to a 2nd meeting at my house to check out the entire situation before allowing me to adopt Phoebe. It’s easy to fall in love with displaced Staffordshires.  They are the most affectionate, loving, and loyal breed that I have experienced in 21 years of pet rescue, foster homing and adoption. Sadly, they often get a terrible name due to their type of breed.

Phoebe enjoys her days at the dog park near the Hollywood sign very much, mainly because she loves chasing and running with other dogs as often as possible until she literally runs herself down “dog tired.”  We have nicknamed her Dog Park Phoebe because of her popularity at the park, both with other dogs and their owners. Phoebe also enjoys the dog beach very much. Dog Beach Phoebe. I am also a volunteer with the Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, and my little brother Javier loves Phoebe too.

Lastly, Phoebe often joins me at the office to help me in my daily routine of running a small business here on 9th Street. On these days we call her Downtown Phoebe. 


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