Stitch and @blairzy86

I met Stitch 7 years ago while visiting the Agoura Animal shelter. He was one of 4 puppies that had been found in the middle of a park. Stitch was the runt of the litter and the only black puppy. He was so sweet and gentle, I had to have him! After meeting the litter at the animal shelter, I decided to rescue all 4 puppies because I knew I could find them great homes. As I said, I knew I had to have the littlest black puppy, all the others were fawn colored and adorable too, but there was something about the underdog (no pun intended) that I fell in love with. While Stitch has been a handful to train, he is the most loyal and sensitive dog I have ever had. Stitch is extremely loving, great with other dogs, and very animated. He knows several words and can differentiate his toys by name. Stitch is playful and doesn't realize his own size, he definitely thinks he is a lap dog! When I rescued him, the shelter only knew an approximate birthdate, so because of his goofy personality I decided to set his birthday for April Fools Day! He'll be 7 this year and still looks and acts like he's a year old puppy. Adopting Stitch was one of the best things I've ever done. Today we're both doing great, we love to run on the beach and take long naps! He truly is an amazing dog.


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