Paw Journal

@dieselthepittie, Maddy, Harley & Jen

Diesel was from a breeder that had way too many dogs and turned into a hoarding situation. A local shelter that helped rescue the dogs was asking for help with fosters for all the dogs. I wasn't able to foster more than one dog at that time because of the house I was renting, but I went and met a few of the mamas and puppies. I saw Diesel and he immediately crawled into my lap and went to sleep.  I knew I had to have him.  He's been with me for almost 9 years now.

Maddy was a surprise adoption.  Diesel was at home recovering from his first knee surgery, so I took my oldest dog Harley (he's 11 now) to Petsmart to get dog food. There was an adoption event going on and I walked out with dog food and Maddy.  She was an owner surrender with her litter and mama.  Meeting the woman who I adopted Maddy from was what got me into rescue. She has turned into one of my closest friend's and is amazing at getting dogs adopted into loving homes.

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