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The day I brought a pit bull baby bundle home was the day I became an advocate for these precious lives and the day I changed my husbands view.  We had been thinking of adding another dog to our home but we didn't agree on what kind. I was set on a pit bull and Ken, a lab...he was completely against a pit bull. He had never owned one and only knew what he had seen in the media...like so many other Americans.  He had owned labs and loved them for their drive of fetching and retrieving.... he had also played baseball so he was adamant on a fetching dog. 

My puppy and I walked into the house, into the backyard to Ken as I said, "look what we got" (yes, I brought him home unannounced).  He peeked and said, "that's not a pit bull is it?".  Well, of course it was!  The next comment from him was, "it better not attack Wrigley" followed by "he must go to training". Wrigley is our Toy Fox Terrier that was already almost 8 years old.

Fast forward to today, our Puck is now a year and a half, CGC certified at 8 months and can catch a ball better then any other lab I've ever seen.  He is the most loyal dog we've ever owned and the one that has connected with us emotionally over any of our pets.  He spent his first 6 months with our senior golden mix Raley who became his mother and his best friend now as his older little sis, Wrigley.  Now Ken can not ever imagine a life without our Puck, the pit bull.


We live in a newer neighborhood, a fabulous diverse community with lots of kids of all ages.  Our close neighbors have 8 kids combined and they all love Puck. In the summertime we have a crowd of kids going with us on our walks and Puck loves every moment.  After our walks we'll go in the backyard and the kids have taught Puck the game, hide and seek. You'd think it wasn't fair because Puck is always "it" but he prefers to seek rather then to hide!

Being that Puck is only a year and a half and we already have many positive memories, we look forward to the many more years he'll bless us with his loving and goofy, but gentle personality to remember.  Having Puck in our lives has definitely brought so much more than just having a dog; it's shown us patience, loyalty, to be open minded, just to name a few.   He's also helped us to understand that not only is this breed the most misunderstood, it's also the breed that is most abused and mishandled by humans AND is also the most forgiving of them as well.

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