@ruscosaurus & Josh

We met Rusco for the first time in October at the Irvine Animal Shelter.  He had been at the shelter for two months when his partner Lucy and he were dropped off by an irresponsible owner.  All the workers at the shelter referred to Rusco as the gentle giant.  He weighed 86 pounds at the time but he only required a flimsy leash as he did not pull or tug.


When we saw him, it was love at first sight and he came home with us.  Since his adoption, we were able to get in contact with his previous owner who provided further background information on Rusco.  Rusco came from New Orleans, pure bred blue pitbull with razor edge and gotti bloodline.  He was a sweetheart and lover ever since birth.

Today, Rusco enjoys car rides, going to the beach, and watching his mommy cook in the kitchen.  He is great with little children and other dogs, although he prefers to be the only dog in the household.  He has the mildest temperment, and we have never seen him angry or upset.  He is seriously, the perfect dog. 

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