@little_dash_of_whiskey & Carrie

We got Whiskey when she was only 6 weeks old and a tiny 4lbs. She is mine and my boyfriend's first dog together. I say she picked us cause when my boyfriend held her the first time she just kept licking his face! (Which she has done everyday since) But taking care of her was a battle from the beginning. She had health issues almost from day one with us, but luckily nothing too crazy and we pushed through and took care of her every step of the way. She has now grown into a beautiful 50 lbs of Love, Attitude, & Playfulness! She is our social butterfly that loves meeting people's dogs and doing new fun things... All while dressed up in some of the cutest outfits I can come up with. 


We rescued Dash a little less than a year after getting Whiskey. It was the best feeling taking him out of that cage and knowing he was never going back into one again. Unfortunately, we don't know anything on his past or why he was in the shelter, so each day is a learning experience. We are working with him to make sure he has the best and most fulfilling life he can and deserves. He pushes us to be even better dog owners and I am greatfull to him for that. Dash is worth all the work and effort it takes to have him be the best dog he can be. He is our big snuggle butt and melts into us any chance he can I couldn't imagine not having him a part of our family now.

Everyday both Whiskey and Dash make me a proud pitbull owner. Changing people's minds one day at a time.

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