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Both Lionel and Katie were adopted. We got Lionel first. He was 7 years old and had been in the shelter for 18 months. I had lost my job and had some free time and was getting pretty depressed so I thought volunteering at our local shelter might cheer me up and help dogs in need while filling my free time...so I went to fill out an application and looked at the dogs while I was there. As soon as I saw Lionel, I thought my boyfriend would love him. My boyfriend went to meet him a day later and the rest is history!

We got Katie as a companion for Lionel. Katie was 5 and had been in the shelter for 3 months. Her family lost their home so she and her dog brother were surrendered temporarily until they could work out their living situation. The family never came back for her or her brother. Her brother was adopted immediately but Katie stayed there another month...I like to think she was waiting for us! We decided to go to the same place we got Lionel. After we walked though we both wanted to meet Katie. She had just sat at the edge of her kennel and turned her head so we could scratch her neck. So we brought Lionel to meet her the next day and they hit it off, which we were so happy about because Lionel is choosy about his dog friends. They are best friends. They share a bed (even though we have multiple dog beds) they kiss non stop, they share toys, but they don't play! Ironically, Katie isn't much of a player. She prefers to be snuggled. Lionel doesn't give up though, he's always trying and lately she's been appeasing him more and more!

We couldn't have picked 2 better dogs for our home and our family.

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