@blitznbane & Alejandra

Blitz is a three year staffordshire bull terrier and Bane is a one year old American staffordshire terrier.

Blitz was our first pitbull and completely changed our minds about their breed. Blitz is the sweetest baby ever. He loves to cuddle and to give kisses. He likes to think that he’s the worlds greatest guard dog but as soon as anyone walks through the door he’s a complete mush. He also has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. He will most likely give you kisses until he has successfully licked your lips off.  Bane is a loving, independent little boy. But when he gets into his “mommy cuddle me” mode then he turns into a total baby puppy. He LOVESSSSS giving slimy, slobbery, sticky kisses. He enjoys longs walks in the park and loves chasing the laser pointer (something that blitz is not fooled by). He also enjoys all things squeaky and anything inside the trash. Both boys go bananas for peanut butter! It definitely is their favorite snack!

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