@murphyandsissy & Erin

It’s been almost six years since we adopted Murphy. It was just a few months after my husband and I got married so we've always referred to him as our “marriage dog.” He’s been there since the beginning and has taught us so much.

The SPCA believed him to be an eight week old lab/pit bull mix. It didn't matter what he was mixed with, we just fell in love with this little dude that had a terrible case of kennel cough and was left in an alley with his litter mates to fend for themselves. As people started asking us about his breed, we started hearing all of the absurd accusations regarding pit bulls. People would say things like, “oh, he has pit in him, you should be careful” or “pit bulls have been known to turn on their owners.” We couldn't believe it. It was then that we started educating ourselves and began realizing how misunderstood the pit bull breed is. We knew from then on that we would be lifelong advocates. We adopted Sissy from Rugaz Rescue in New Port Richey, FL in 2011. She was also an abandoned puppy who was left in a box on the doorstep of a vet’s office. We don’t know if Murph and Sis were the results of backyard breeding or unwanted litters because someone didn't spay/neuter their pets, but it’s an all too common story and it has to stop. While they didn't suffer years of abuse or neglect, no one wanted them. They've changed not only us, but our friends, family and many they've met along the way by showing people that it’s ridiculous to fear something you don’t understand. We have them to thank for opening our eyes to not only the alarming number of animals in shelters/rescues but also to the stigma and abuse pit bulls face every day. We will forever be on a mission to change the hearts and minds of those who don’t understand our beloved breed.

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