@gideonthedestroyer, Calliope & Jacinda

Calliope was found walking the streets of California with her puppies. She was captured by animal control and was taken to a very high kill shelter. Everyone adopted each one of Calliopes babies and left her to die! On her last day of her life, another shelter swooped in and saved her and brought her to Las Vegas and we found her at the shelter she was taken to. She was one of the oldest there so we knew we just had to save her because no one else would! While having Calliope for about two months we decided she needed a best friend so we went to a local bully breed rescue and found Gideon! We took Calliope on many walks around the park with many other dogs and none of them were a fit until Gideon came along!

They fell in love instantly. We were told Gideon was brought in as a stray dog but the shelter thought the original owners didn't want to pay the fee to drop him off! Once bringing him home he wasn't trained properly so it did take a lot of time and patience to get him where he is now. They're both my gems. :)

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