@kai_yaaa and Kenny

I went to the Monterey county shelter one day to visit my old coworkers. I had recently lost my dog and did not think I was ready for another yet. I did a walk through the shelter not bonding with any of the dogs. As I walked out a friend of mine was holding Kaiya like a baby. Only 2 months old, and her head was almost heavier than her body. The sweetest pup I have met. They told me I couldn't adopt her until she was older. I was left to come back to LA with her stuck on my mind.


About a month and a half later I got a call from one of my friends at the shelter. They needed me to go pick up a 3 year old pit bull who was going to be put down at a shelter in Van Nuys, CA. I agreed then drove 5 hours to pick him up in hopes to finding him a new home. As I walked back to my car they said, "wait we have something for you." She (Kaiya) was wrapped in a towel and still sweet as ever.

Kaiya was my first #pitbull I have owned. Her sweet personality could not go overlooked. I instantly started working with her building as strong of a bond as you can with your dog. She continues to surprise me with her sweet demeanor and learning capabilities.


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