#BubblesThePibble & Bhavna

I will never forget the day I met Bubbles. She was scared, nervous, lost, confused and defeated. When I first saw her something inside me knew she came for me and I could not let her go.


Each day since then, Bubbles keeps unfolding a part of her personality. 

Her vibrant eyes always talk to me letting me know how alive she is.  The unspoken bond we share is truly magical.  Watching her grow, gain confidence, overcome challenges and build her environment around her has been amazing. She continues to surprise me.

It is amazing how the act of love is so powerful in itself.  I do believe love can help heal and allow you to forget your past and start a new beginning.  You need to be a believer and have faith and never give up.  Bubbles never gave up on me and put her faith in me, and I did the same with her. 

I reached out my hand out to the abandoned pup that day in downtown Los Angeles and she allowed me to take her paw and hold it gently forever. 

I learned a long time ago it takes just one to come from love in order to receive love, and that is what I did. I came from love, I gave love and in return I received love…unconditional love…

Paw Clawset is dedicated to my heart, Bubbles.


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